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Russian Strawberry Quartz 8mm-9mm Bracelet | Grade AA

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  • Bead Size: 8-9mm
  • Accessories: None
  • Symbolize: Strawberry Quartz symbolizes love, emotional healing, and gentle energy.
  • Composition: Strawberry Quartz is a type of quartz with inclusions of iron oxide or goethite.
  • Color: Strawberry Quartz exhibits a soft pink or reddish color, reminiscent of ripe strawberries.
  • Hardness: Strawberry Quartz has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale, making it a relatively durable gemstone.
  • Metaphysical properties: Strawberry Quartz is associated with love and emotional healing. It is believed to carry a gentle and soothing energy, promoting feelings of love, compassion, and forgiveness. Strawberry Quartz can help heal emotional wounds and open the heart to giving and receiving love. It is also considered a stone of inner peace and harmony. Strawberry Quartz is used for balancing emotions, enhancing self-esteem, and promoting a sense of overall well-being. Additionally, it is believed to stimulate creativity and inspire joy and happiness.

It's important to note that the properties and beliefs associated with gemstones can vary across different cultures and individuals. While some people strongly believe in these properties, others may perceive them differently or focus more on the aesthetic value of gemstones.

Remember, these benefits are not scientifically proven, and individual experiences may vary. It's essential to approach gemstone properties with an open mind and personal belief, understanding that they are often considered complementary tools to support overall well-being rather than a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment.

This bracelet is strung on an elastic strand that easily slips on your wrist.